Easy & safe database access
for your non-IT employees

Imagine a modern, collaborative PHPMyAdmin, with fine granular permissions, group management and much more.

for MySQL & PostgreSQL

Your product owners and execs get a super simple web interface to access your databases. If they used a tool like MySQL Workbench before - TogetherDB is the replacement!

Your IT team gets a dashboard to manage everyones' access rights.

Made to simplify your life

  • Super easy database access

    No learning curve and higher productivity for your teams. Check out our Demo database.

  • Safe data handling

    Fine grained permissions mean everyone can see and manipulate only the necessary pieces of data.

  • Save IT resources

    IT doesn't need to get involved anymore when others want to access the database.

  • Save developer resources

    Using TogetherDB can save you from building custom admin panels.

Discover our features

Case Studies

See how our amazing customers benefit


Fast-growing European E-Commerce for subscribable hygiene products


developers regularly need temporary access to live production databases

management wants to be able to deep dive into raw order data


IT department saves many hours monthly giving and retracting access

management is enabled to help themselves to critical data

Read how LILLYDOO saves IT resources with TogetherDB


Word-leading Russian online dictionary


internal CMS doesn't fully cover all necessary data manipulation needs

they lacked ways to let students and interns safely and easily contribute


after a 5 minute setup students can now safely contribute new data

the country manager can transparently follow all activity to control quality

Read how OpenRussian optimized their workflow with TogetherDB


Online real estate marketplace company


use Strapi as CMS to manage the properties and partners

their support staff checks thousands of entries and images per day for errors


the support staff's workflow got radically faster

correction rate can now be tracked and staff performance measured

Getting started

Check out how setting up looks like

1. Register & provide your database details

No downloads or installations. Simply allow access to your database from our closest worker server's IP.

2. Share access to your colleagues

To protect your database from mistakes simply specify which tables and columns should be read-only.

3. They can now work productively 💪

If need be you can later check all changes in the history log.


30-day free trial period.

Billed monthly
Billed annually (2 months free)
Communityfreenon-commercial useStarter$49/moProfessional$199/mo
User accounts1525
Database management
Share access
Group permissions
Audit log

For a limitless plan please contact us. Prices don't include VAT.

About Us

Our mission and our small remote team

Our mission is to give companies the tools to get everything and more out of their databases. Data is powerful and beautiful, but it needs to be accessible, understood and often enriched before it gets useful.

We saw a huge gap between what is and what can be and we are here to bring database tooling to the 21st century and beyond.


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Reach us at team@togetherdb.com.