Online Database
for Developers

Running on real MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

  • direct database access from your API
  • real-time collaboration & fine granular permissions
  • SQL query bookmarks
  • ...and much more

A modern database management tool and playground.

Spin up a database

After signing up you get 4 free shared hosted MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

  • Connect to your databases from your API to power your app.
  • Share access to others by their email address and give them fine granular access.
  • Manage SQL query bookmarks for yourself and collaboratively in your team.
  • The database history lets you follow all database events, filtered by action, actor or tables.

Your online database


Build your schema

We have the easiest schema editor, check it out!


Collaborate in real-time

Invite users by their email address with fine granular access. All table updates propagate instantly.


Power your app

Connect from your backend and use TogetherDB as your database for your APIs.

Connect your own databases

Use TogetherDB as a cloud database management to access your existing databases.

  • Easiest database management

    Check out our schema editor.

  • Enable all the features

    Share access to others, have SQL query bookmarks, the database history and access your databases from your phone.

Manage your company's databases

Easy & safe database access for your non-IT employees.

  • Save your IT department time and nerves

    Grant and revoke database access in just 2 clicks. Manage people in groups and always have a convenient overview of who can access which databases.

  • Save developer resources

    Even non-IT employees can get easy insights into your data with SQL bookmarks, so TogetherDB might save you from building custom admin panels or workflows.

  • Safe database handling

    Fine grained permissions mean everyone can see and manipulate only the necessary pieces of data.

  • Super easy interface

    Higher productivity for your teams: As easy as Excel and no learning curve.

  • Self-host

    Keep everything in your own hands by self-hosting your instance of TogetherDB.

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About Us

Our mission and our small remote team

Our mission is to give companies the tools to get everything and more out of their databases. Data is powerful and beautiful, but it needs to be accessible, understood and often enriched before it gets useful.

We saw a huge gap between what is and what can be and we are here to bring database tooling to the 21st century and beyond.


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