Discover our features

Spin up MySQL / PostgreSQL

With one click acquire a new MySQL or PostgreSQL instance hosted in the US or Europe.

Easiest schema editor

Intuitively build and modify your database structure.

SQL query bookmarks

Manage a collection of SQL queries for yourself and collaboratively in your team.

User & group management

Simply invite collaborators by their email address. Use user groups to bundle permissions for different roles.

Fine grained permissions

Make certain tables or columns read-only, hide sensitive columns and allow different levels of SQL execution.

Database history

Who changed what, when? The history lets you follow all events, filtered by action, actor or tables.


Always be on top on who has access to which databases and for each database, who has access with which permissions.

Corporate package

Opt out of all tracking, get the Data Processing Agreement and access to advanced compliance features by subscribing to our corporate package.