Editor: Searching

How to search

Searches are case insensitive, so the search for "DOG" will also find "dog" and "DoG".

finds rows where any field contains the exact text "Peter Griffin"

finds rows where any field begins with "Peter", so will match "Peter Griffin", "Peter the Great" and also just "Peter"

finds rows where any field contains "ete"

searches only in the age column

compare with > < >= <= = !=

use parens (), and and or

you can compare with NULL

escape ambiguous texts with quotes ""

Performance impact

For larger tables of >100,000 rows we recommend to always search with a column name to not overload the database.

Executed SQL

For each search the system executes one SQL SELECT query. Before execution it may also determine the columns to be able to construct the search query correctly.

A search for 123 will execute a query like SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE id=123 OR name=123 LIMIT 20.

A search for id=123 will execute SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE (id = 123) LIMIT 20.