How it works under the hood

The entire TogetherDB system consists of three components:

  • the web frontend that lets you interact with your database
  • the user management service
  • several Workers that provide an API interface to your database

The Workers

The Workers encapsulate the core functionality of TogetherDB. They have different tasks but their main one is to provide a database REST API for your MySQL or PostgreSQL database. This API allows the web interface to query the data to display in the table view and to apply updates to the database. It uses the TogetherDB user management service to verify requests. TogetherDB will by itself not add any new tables or new users/roles to your database nor store any meta data there.

The latency between the database and worker majorly defines the user interface experience, this is why we have workers located around the world and assign a connection to its closest worker (by latency).

We plan on open-sourcing the Worker services so that you can verify the secure handling of their database connection details and even self-host the worker service so these details never leave your grounds.