Q1 2022

Q4 2021

😃  SQL collection for query bookmarks

😃  Free rental databases on shared machines for everyone

🕑  Some compliance features like password policies

Q3 2021

😃  Create and delete databases

😃  Create and delete tables

😃  Create, delete and modify columns

😃  Binary columns

😃  File uploads into binary columns

Q2 2021

😃  Company setup

😃  Log all SQL queries on database

😃  Check detailed instance, database and table infos

😃  Table list layout configurable (three variations)

😃  Export CSV of tables and results of SQL SELECTs

Q1 2021

😃  Public tables/databases

😃  Save all database related things on worker servers only

😃  Better access sharing interface

😃  Interface redesign & major UX improvements

😃  Show/hide databases from connections

😃  Filters in addition to search

Q4 2020

😃  Fine grained permissions for sharing: view/edit per table and columns

😃  Setup organizations and invite members

😃  Manage user groups

Q3 2020

😃  Resolve references to see referenced data instead of the reference id

😃  Preview images right in the table

😃  SQL editor in table view for raw queries

Q2 2020

😃  Interface remembers collapsed connections and table column widths (per device)

😃  Have a history log of changes

😃  Live updates when several users work on the same table

😃  Separate read and write access

😃  Invite others to databases, accept/decline invites

😃  Globally low latency

Q1 2020

😃  Handle databases, tables and columns

😃  MySQL support

😃  Smooth table interface to database

😃  PostgreSQL support